Light Beeper Switch Box

The Beeper Switch Box is perfect for learning labs, AT centers, vocational centers and clinics that are looking for a switch reinforcer that has several features. It’s an illuminated button and a beeper all in one. Great for individuals that require several types of feedback to know they have pushed an external switch. Light and sound are also great for individuals with visual impairments.

Ipad Wireless Two Switch

Control hundreds of compatible apps on your Bluetooth-equipped iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, MAC, PC or Android device. Choose either our one or two switch device. Additional features:
• Large target areas for easy activation
• Takes one or two of your own capability switches
• Six modes for additional functions: turn pages, control media (e.g. iTunes) and iOS cameras
• Works through Bluetooth 2.1 for simple pairing and has a range of over 50 feet
• Lithium-ion battery recharges through your USB port of USB AC charger (not included)
• Acts as regular capability switch to activate any of your switch adapted products.

Powerlink 4

Allows switch users to control up to two electrical appliances with single switches. Six unique modes of control allow user to define for how long devices will be turned on.