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How to Select a Device

Selecting Assistive Technology Devices

There are thousands of assistive technology devices for individuals with disabilities and their families to choose from. It is not a simple process to find the right device - including several steps to ensure you are paired with the best assistive technology approach for your needs. The Selecting Assistive Technology brochure will explain those selection steps.
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Steps to Success

The Easterseals Iowa assistive technology team is here to guide you. Key steps to starting this process include:

  • Define Your Goal

    What do you want to accomplish?

  • Determine the Team

    Who is helping you select needed assistive technology?

  • Consult with the End-user

    What can they do on their own versus where they might need help?

  • Access to the Environment

    Where will the assistive technology be used?

  • Trial the Technology

    With multiple options available, which option is best for the person and environment?

As you are beginning this process, our team is here to assist. Just ask.

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Every Day Device Needs

As you begin the process of advancing your goal it's important to spend time talking to those that have been through this before. To understand what the day-to-day journey looks like. To find inspiration from those in similar situations. To have a dialogue with those that will be honest and straightforward. Simply put - ask friends, family, and beyond about the devices they use each day to help take-on a disability.

A big part of this daily activity is understanding how to set-up space in your home (think ease of access to various spaces) to accommodate assistive technology devices. Easterseals Iowa offers several resources to foster ideas for your home design.

Assistive Technology Tips for Around the House

From tips to assist with house cleaning and storage to aids for personal care and grooming, cooking, and dining to clothing adaptations and more - there is so much to think about! Easterseals Iowa is here to assist. This beginners brochure for Tips Around the House is a great start to familiarizing your assessment team with the various assistive technology device needs for everyday life around the home. If you do not have an assessment team, or simply have questions you need to be answered, we invite you to contact the assistive technology team for assistance.
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Universal Home Design

Universal design is the idea of making things comfortable and convenient for as many different people at as many stages of life as possible. From identifying the top three trouble spots for most homes to general floor plans and costs, Easterseals Iowa can guide any individual based on where they are currently in the space they live versus where they need to be. Room by room, this Universal Home Design checklist will assist you as you consider options to increase the ease and flexibility any home that a person with disabilities must navigate.
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Experiencing Assistive Technology

It’s great to hear how things have worked for others, but will it work for me or my loved one? Is it what is needed to help overcome the barriers faced? Our assistive technology team understands that a picture or video might be helpful, but it doesn’t substitute for a hands-on experience. We’re here to show you how the right device works will work for your family.

Device Demonstration Services

The Demonstration Center, located at Easterseals Iowa Camp Sunnyside, is open, by appointment only, for demonstrations of various types of assistive technology devices to support individuals with disabilities and special needs by appointment only. The Demonstration Center is a valuable resource for Iowans to trial devices that may support recreation, access to daily living activities, computer and related devices, sensory and learning, and much more before the devices are brought to their homes. This is a wonderful opportunity to see and try before you buy.
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Lending Library

Easterseals Iowa Assistive Technology Program operates a Lending Library that allows individuals with disabilities to borrow and trial relevant devices before determining if they should purchase. Up to five pieces of equipment can be checked out for 30 days at no cost. This offers a hands-on way to determine if the device will work for you or your loved one before deciding to purchase from a vendor. These include small devices and gadgets to support daily activities. Download the Lending Library Application or complete the fillable Microsoft form to get started!
Fillable Microsoft Form
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Spanish Application (Word)

Who is Eligible?

The Lending Library is available to all Iowans with disabilities, their family members, and the professionals that support them. Devices available range from electronics to dressing aids. A current inventory of items available for loan can be found on the Easterseals Iowa Assistive Technology Inventory Site.
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Weighted Items

A physician, physical therapist, or medical professional's signature is required for weighted items - but we are here to help! Simply download and complete the Weighted Item Approval Form to get started.
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Expanding Solutions - Grant Opportunity

This statewide program was created to offer long-term loans of specific assistive technology to support individuals with disabilities that are age 18 and older or persons age 60 or older that are experiencing social isolation. The technology provided remains the property of Easterseals Iowa but can be used as long as is needed and staff are available to provide training for the individual receiving the technology. Applications will be reviewed on a one-to-one basis and will be reviewed in the order they are received.
Lending Library Application
Durable Medical Equipment Loan Application

Weighted Items

A physician, physical therapist, or medical professional's signature is required for weighted items - but we are here to help! Simply download and complete the Weighted Item Approval Form to get started.
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Finding Assistive Technology

The Assistive Technology Program offered through Easterseals Iowa provides all individuals in need with extensive information on a wide range of devices and adaptations. The team can discuss your needs with you and furnish information about specific devices and manufacturers as well as help direct you to additional sources of information or to vendors in your area. Once you know the steps to select the right device, you will want to know what assistive technology devices are available
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