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Assistive Technology Devices

Our purpose as an organization is to motivate change - to change the way the world defines and views individuals with disabilities. We work to do this by making profound, positive differences in the everyday lives of those we serve.

To influence this change, we must help the world recognize that people with disabilities should not be labeled. For a person with a disability, access to appropriate assistive technology devices may mean a more independent, productive life. A lessening of a barrier they may experience. A barrier that any of us - or a loved one - could experience at any point in our lives.

As part of our mission to provide exceptional service, we are here to help guide the process of selecting and obtaining the right device for the barriers faced. Together, we will actively take on any challenges experienced as individuals navigate the selection and obtainment of assistive technology.

Selecting the Right Device

Finding the "best fit" between person, environment, and technology is a multistep process. Individuals seeking support - and those helping them - must carefully gather and evaluate information. And then make informed decisions.

This process is critical as the selection of a device that leads to an unexpected implication can lead to lost time, money, and patience for you and your loved one. And none of us want that! Assistive technology that is not the right match may be of little help to the person with a disability or even end up unused in a closet. So, let us help you avoid this scenario.

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Obtaining the Right Device

Once a device is selected, it is now time to secure the device. It is not enough that a particular vendor sells a piece of equipment you are needing. The dealer’s consumer-responsiveness, professionalism, and service orientation (think upgrades and training) should be an influential part of your decision process.

Then there is the issue of funding the device. Assistive technology ranges from relatively inexpensive to extremely expensive; a wheelchair/seating system, for example, can cost as much as a car. Finding assistance with funding may take considerable time and effort, so you should begin to investigate funding sources at the same time you start looking at technology. Our team can help advance this effort with you.

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Assistive Technology in Action

Look, Cook and Eat

Assistive technology is often assumed to be a large electronic device or a highly visible accommodation. While these larger and more visible technologies and devices exist, it is also important to note that support devices can be small - something so small they may go unnoticed. In the video below, you can see how our collaboration with Look, Cook, and Eat brings support to common, everyday needs for those looking to optimize their experience in the kitchen! Take a look.

Living Life to the Fullest

Meet Assistive Technology Client, Jason

I love Easterseals Iowa. I didn’t know anything about a bike odometer when I first bought my bike. When I told the Assistive Technology staff that I wanted to track my distance and set goals, they helped me by loaning the odometer. They even trained me on how to set it up and use it. At first, I couldn’t ride very far but now I can ride the entire 74-mile Raccoon River Valley Trail! I think it was a great help for my overall health and wellness. After my 30-day trial period, the Lending Library loan was successful, the staff helped direct me to a vendor where I could purchase one for myself."
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