Funding Options for Assistive Technology

Funding Options

Funding Strategies for Assistive Technology

After navigating the selection process for finding the best device to support the barriers faced, it is inevitable you must now fund the assistive technology plan selected. The team at Easterseals knows this is never an easy time. Assistive technology ranges from relatively inexpensive to extremely expensive; a wheelchair/seating system, for example, can cost as much as a car. And similar to the support a car offers to our daily lives, so does the assistive technology that is so imperative to ensure a positive difference in people's everyday lives.

Funding can be difficult. We get it. But know there are services and resources available to advance funding to best meet your needs and financial situation. While Easterseals Iowa is not a direct funder of assistive technology, we are here to connect you with the services and resources available to assist in this effort. The Funding Strategies for Assistive Technology brochure will explain available options.


Financial Support Areas

For a person with a disability, access to funding should not stand in the way of a more independent, productive life. But how does one get there? What services are available to support what can surely be seen as a roadblock to reaching your end goal of obtaining the right assistive technology device? The Easterseals Iowa assistive technology team will help walk all Iowans through this learning curve. Services available include:

Easterseals Iowa Support

Easterseals Iowa Assistive Technology Program provides information to Iowans with disabilities - and their families - about potential funding options for the purchase of assistive technology. When a request comes in for help finding funding for a specific piece of equipment, our assistive technology team will ask a series of questions to determine which public programs and private organizations might be able to help.

As part of our mission to provide exceptional service, we are here to help guide your journey to financing the right device to tackle the barriers faced by people with disabilities. Together, we will actively take on any challenges experienced as you navigate the funding and obtainment of assistive technology.

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