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Easterseals Iowa Assistive Technology Program
Access Matters

Most of us cannot imagine life without the internet or electronic documents. Despite the web's great potential for people with disabilities, this potential is still largely unmet. For example, on many webpages, content is unreadable by persons who are blind and use screen-reading software. Or, some sites can only be navigated using a mouse, and only a very small percentage of video or multimedia content has been captioned for the Deaf.

You can begin to see that there are a few potential glitches in the accessibility of the internet for people with disabilities. The potential of the internet is only going to be reached if we're careful to make websites and their content usable by everyone. Most studies find that about one fifth (20%) of the population has some kind of disability. That is a significant portion of the population.

The following resources can help webmasters and the others understand the need to make information accessible. 

Access Matters flyers

This series of 5 flyers give basic directions to make documents accessible. They would be good to share with webmasters and anyone sharing electronic documents. The forms may be printed front to back, 3 per page, and then cut into 3 flyers.